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Medical marijuana in New York: available in 20 hospitals

Medicinal Marijuana Use Proposed by New York Governor

NEW YORK – New York will be the twenty-first U.S. state to legalize the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. The turning point was in the air, and now to announce it officially was the governor Mario Cuomo's keynote speech during the traditional start of the year. Cuomo did not disappoint expectations. He stressed that "marijuana can help relieve the pain and make more effective the treatment of certain cancers," as widely shown by medical science. "On the heels of many other states – is committed – then we'll be launching a program that will allow 20 hospitals of the State of New York to prescribe it." Cuomo has therefore sought to reassure all those who are skeptical and against the face of change: we will not leave anything to chance and constantly check the program to evaluate its effectiveness, he said. But now everything is decided. The decree is expected in the next few weeks, but the governor wants to hurry. And it is an acceleration that comes at a time when everyone in the United States and the debate rages raging controversy over the legalization of soft drugs, after the Colorado and Washington State have authorized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, issuing licenses for the opening of real 'coffee shop' style in the Netherlands. The law of Cuomo does not reach that far. Although in the past the Governor has already ruled in favor of the decriminalization of drug possession for personal use for those who hold up to 15 grams of marijuana. The latest polls, the rest, as they say now the majority of Americans (about two thirds) is in favor of legalizing marijuana, as evidenced by the outcome of the last popular referendum held in some states. And even New York follows the national trend, with 82% of citizens in favor of the marijuana healing. A fact that has prompted Cuomo to go all the way on a difficult ground although it has entered into an election year. Cuomo's plan in particular is to allow 20 hospitals in the state the ability to prescribe marijuana to patients with cancer, glaucoma or other diseases that fall under the standards established by the Department of Health. The standard is so much more restrictive than those in Colorado or California, where marijuana healing is also available for those who have minor problems, such as simple back pain. Behind the turning Cuomo – explain some observers – perhaps there is also the growing popularity of the new mayor of New York, the liberal Bill de Blasio. Inspirational source may be read visiting this resource.