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China, the one child law

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The story now has the stamp of officialdom, because it is told news agency Xinhua: the investigation started in May, where she was born in the city of Wuxi his current partner of the director, Chen Ting, 31 years old. But local authorities in recent months have failed to track down the couple, constantly moving on the red carpets of international film festivals. Given the high profile of the director, said an official from the office family planning "has given high priority to the case." Have been shipped to more than ten letters to the home of Zhang and others were sent to the homes of the production director, unanswered. The agents also went to Beijing, Zhang where it should be in September, for the shooting of his next work, the historical drama "The Return." No results.

The hunt for Zhang to make him pay the fine astronomical seems like the plot of a play to the Chinese. The fines, however, that in the term bureaucratic here are called "social maintenance fees", no kidding. Why Zhang Yimou could probably even afford to pay them, or groped the way of reconciliation. But for thousands and thousands of ordinary Chinese, guilty in 33 years of enforcing the one-child of having given birth to a second child, the fine has often been a nightmare. The law does not say exactly how much you should pay, and many bureaucrats in small towns and large cities in China have used the situation as a form of self-financing.

And then, especially in the countryside, were committed heinous abuses, from forced abortions sterilizations. A million. Many parents have hidden their second child, or have paid bribes to avoid more serious punishment. Now the promise to loosen policy: the city-pairs in which at least one parent is an only child, they can afford a second. It is estimated that in this condition are between 15 and 20 million married couples. Surveys indicate that perhaps only half intends to give a brother or sister to the first born. So it will be a "mini baby boom". You must visit this link to learn more about this great subject.